Student File Protocols

Student File Protocols

Students and their families have a right to privacy as provided in the School Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Information pertaining to parents and students will be treated as sensitive confidential information and will be discussed by personnel responsible for the student’s program on a need-to-know basis.  Confidential information will be released only with the written consent of the parents or legal guardians.

Parents are entitled to have access to their child’s records.  This information can be reviewed by arrangement with an administrator.  A copy of a document may be made upon request by the parent but the original must stay in the student’s file.

A parent may request that an assessment, report, or other record related to a student’s educational program be removed from their child’s school file if they believe these materials are inaccurate or inappropriate.  Upon this parental request, the Director of Instruction, Learner Support will review the report, consult with the parent and others as appropriate, and consider the parent’s request.   The Director of Instruction, Learner Support will either remove or not remove the disputed records based on the best educational interests of the students.

Guidelines Regarding Student File Information

  • remember that other people can read this file
  • be specific and precise as possible
  • state only the facts, do not state opinion or hearsay
  • focus on objective, observable behaviours and statements

Providing Records to other Districts

  • in the event that a student transfers to another school within the district, all student files are sent to the receiving school
  • confidential files (red files) require parental written consent before sending to the receiving district;  when a student transfers to another school district within BC, send the confidential file to the receiving district with a written copy of parental consent or, if this process cannot be put in place, send the red file to Student Services and the School Board Office with a note explaining the student has moved
  • no files are sent out of the province or to independent schools – only copies of the documents are sent









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